I hope you have checked out my work. If not, go ahead, I’ll wait… 

Ok, now that you have seen my work, you want to know if I’m a real person. Last time I checked, I was 😊. 

I’m Raghavendra [Raghu] Bhat. I am a Bangalore-based UI designer with experience in delivering end-to-end high quality UI Design solution and UI consulting. I am so passionate about UI design that I left my cushy IT Lead/Developer job for 14+ years and started this UI gig, because...I love it! During my 14+ years stint in the corporate world, I played various roles from developer to designer to Project Manager to Mentor [I am a Certified Scrum Master].  I have worked in both Agile and Waterfall setup. This 14+ years, I have honed my skills to handle high pressure work environment to deliver consistent high quality results.

I genuinely believe that I have an inherent ability to create beautiful, intuitive and premium UI designs and since I’m naturally curious, I like to explore and constantly experiment and learn new things.
Adobe XD
Affinity Designer
User Flow
Basic HTML
Basic CSS
Blender 3D
What do I bring to the table, you ask?
Well, apart from my corporate industry experience, creativity and diversity, here’s some of my personal core principals that I adhere to:
My passion for UI. This is what I most enjoy doing, so it does not feel like work to me. It’s fun! I truly believe that a good design has immeasurable positive impact on the product.
I firmly believe that if you are trustworthy, everything else falls in place. I try to be as true to my job and my customers as possible by giving it my best and also believe that trust should be mutual.
I am not JUST a designer; I am also a developer. That means I can comprehend and understand the possibilities and limitations from both designer and developer perspective. That puts me in a very advantageous position over other designers. This helps me design practical UI.
You can learn from everyone and everything. Keeping myself grounded and open-minded helps me in absorbing some of the good ideas and qualities from everyone. No matter who you are, respecting and treating everyone with dignity and expecting the same from others is one of my core principles of life and no one can say otherwise.
I like to use my humor (my wife says I am funny, do you need any more validation?) to instantly connect with people and get things done in a willing, cordial way. Humor, for me, helps to break the ice and bridge long lasting connections.
I hope it’s enough information to get started.
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